TCA 38

Artist: Yu Miyashita
Title: Muted Renaissance
Format: Cassette (Chrome) / Digital
Release Date: 06 Dec 2020

A1. Moon Greetings
A2. Spirit Lancers
A3. Lagged Melancholia Lapse
A4. Shadows Of Reflected Echoes
A5. Da Vinci And The Cats
A6. Symbol Manipulators
A7. Muted Renaissance
A8. Revival Of Unmuted Reality
A9. To The Garden Of Thoughts
B1. Vivian Girls Pilgrimage
B2. In Between The Clouds Of Notions
B3. Magic Coaxial
B4. Intellectual Framework Overdose
B5. Singer Songwriter Rewriter
B6. Mercurius And Uroboros
B7. Senses Of Invisible Hands
B8. Hey Dawning Sun

Written & Produced by Yu Miyashita
Mastering by Yu Miyashita at Underarrow
Artwork by Jonathan Saiz